Consider Grad School

Congratulations! To consider graduate school as a future option means you want to make a life investment. A graduate degree can provide long term value for your career options, your income earning potential, and yourself. It’s a big decision that can take a lot of time to achieve, and can have some high up front costs. And, if you plan ahead, ask yourself the best possible questions about your personal goals and interests now, you can ultimately save yourself time and money while reaping the rewards offered through advanced education. Start by going in with your eyes open, and using support and resources available now will only help you in the future.

Here are some personal questions to get started:

  1. Are you familiar with different degrees offered in your subject area of interest?
  2. Have you met with a career counselor to determine what advanced degrees are necessary for your career interests?
  3. Is there a faculty in a past or current course you most enjoyed that you can chat further about your academic interests and grad school possibilities?
  4. Can you do an informational interview with anyone who has pursued this degree or is employed in your career of interest?
  5. Have you met with an academic advisor to discuss your transcripts and level of competitiveness for your grad school interests?

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